Wells Fargo Swift Code For International/Global Wire Transfer

Interestingly, the company operates both domestically and internationally. In today's article, I will discuss the Wells Fargo swift code


Wells Fargo Swift Code For International/Global Wire Transfer
Wells Fargo is among the most developed financial institutions in the US. It is a community-based financial services company that serves millions of people in the United States and other countries. Wells Fargo has approximately $1.92 trillion in assets. The company’s vision is to satisfy its customers’ financial needs and help them succeed in their financial endeavors. Interestingly, the company operates both domestically and internationally. In today's article, I will discuss the Wells Fargo swift code for international wire transfer as we proceed.

In other words, Wells Fargo and is an American multinational financial services company with corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, operational headquarters in Manhattan, and managerial offices throughout the United States and internationally.

 It started its operations in 1852, and up to today, it is providing excellent services to its consumers. Wells Fargo provides investment, banking, and mortgage services as well as related services. The bank also offers consumer and commercial financing via more than 7,200 locations and 13,000 ATMs plus. There are also excellent online services at wellsfargo.com and mobile banking technology that reduces the monotony of lining up at a branch.

Wells Fargo operates in 31 countries and territories, which makes it an international company. It is among the best banks that support customers to conduct business in the global economy. On the Fortune’s 2020 rankings, Wells Fargo occupied position 30 of America’s largest corporations. Remember that America has hundreds of financial institutions that compete with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo assumed a responsibility to create solutions for stronger communities.

How to join Wells Fargo

Opening an account at Wells Fargo is a straightforward activity that you can carry out and finish within minutes. Interestingly, the company gives you three ways to apply for an account. You can apply by phone, online, or in person.

When applying online, you can get your account in minutes. Wells Fargo allows you to apply for a credit card, checking or savings account, or loan online. However, you can call 1-800-869-3557 and apply for your account. It is quite easy, and you will answer questions and provide the necessary details.

The last option, which is to visit a branch, requires you to carry various documents to the nearest branch. Opening a bank account at a branch is tiresome and takes a lot of your time, especially if you find many people waiting to be served.

Alternatively, you can move a checking account from another bank to Wells Fargo instead of opening another account. To move your checking account to Wells Fargo, you can follow the guide below.

  • Apply for the new Wells Fargo account.
  • Move your automatic payments plus deposits, if they exist, to your new Wells Fargo account.
  • Close your old account.

A Wells Fargo account will help you carry out various transactions, such as sending money, withdrawing money, and paying bills. You can transfer money from Wells Fargo to another bank using the recipient’s account number and the receiving bank’s routing number.

If you reach a point that you want to close your consumer account, you can call Wells Fargo at 1-800-869-3557 (1-800-TO-WELLS) or visit a branch near you to carry out the account closure process. If far away, you can complete the Account Closure form and send it to Wells Fargo by mail in PDF format.

What are the requirements to open a Wells Fargo bank account?

There are various requirements that the federal government requires every account applicant at a financial institution to provide. Therefore, since Wells Fargo is one of these financial institutions, you will still need them. They include the following.

  • A Social Security Number
  • An identification document. This can be your passport, your Government ID, or your Driver’s License.
  • Your physical address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

The social security number also know as SSN is essential to help the government know the number of years you have worked. Also, the number helps track your tax payment, and together with your identification document, they help the bank identify you correctly. The mobile phone number, email, and physical address are mainly for communication purposes.

Which is the Wells Fargo swift code for international wire transfer?

You require BIC/SWIFT code when making an international transfer with Wells Fargo or other traditional banks. You also require other information that facilitates an international transfer. If someone is sending you money from another country to your Wells Fargo account in the United States, you will have to provide them with your Wells Fargo Swift code, your account and routing numbers.

The Wells Fargo SWIFT code for international wire transfer Code is WFBIUS6SXXX. Generally, the following information is essential when dealing with Wells Fargo.

  • Bank Name: WELLS FARGO BANK, NA.
  • Bank address: 420 MONTGOMERY STREET
  • Country: United States

If you want to transfer funds to another bank account in the United States of America, you will only transfer money using the routing number and account number to the concerned bank. Domestic bank to bank transfers takes a shorter time compared to international transfers.

How do I carry out a Wells Fargo wire transfer?

Apart from knowing what you need to transfer money through Wells Fargo, you also need to understand how to carry out the transfer process. Wells Fargo allows you to send money online using the wire transfer technology in the following manner.

  • Sign in to Wells Fargo Online account
  • Navigate to Transfer & Pay
  • After that, enroll for wire transfers to initiate a wire transfer.
  • Add the recipient in the field provided
  • Choose a funding account and amount (include any additional information required for certain countries).
  • Review the details and send your payment.

There are limits for international wire transfers, and you can see that when carrying out the transfer. If you want to transfer more than the limit given, you need to visit the nearest branch and request to send more money.

  • You will require the following when when wiring money. 
  • The name and address of the recipient
  • The name of the recipient’s bank
  • A valid US mobile phone number or secure ID device

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If you are doing an international wire transfer, you will need the SWIFT/BIC for your recipient’s bank. For your information, the SWIFT code helps to identify the bank receiving the transfers. You will also need the receiving bank’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN) that helps to identify specific account numbers at international bank transfers. Some other countries have additional codes, as shown below.

  • Canada: Canadian Payment Routing Number
  • Great Britain: UK Sort Code
  • Australia: Australian Branch Code (BSB)
  • India: IFSC Code
  • Mexico: CLABE
  • New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, Pitcairn, and Tokelau: New Zealand Clearing Code

You may also be required to provide a purpose of payment.

It is essential to understand that some prepaid cards also accept wire transfers. You can quickly transfer money from a prepaid card to a bank account using a wire transfer. That means you can transfer money from a prepaid card to Wells Fargo in minutes.

How long do Wells Fargo wire transfers take?

Wire transfers to domestic banks happen immediately, while international wire transfers may take a few days to complete. With Wells Fargo transfers, domestic and international wires sent online are typically sent the same business day if submitted by 2:00 pm Pacific Time. After that time, the transfers will be sent the next business day.

However, wire transfers can delay reflecting on the recipient’s account. You can see the current status to know where it has reached and take the necessary action. There are various statuses of Wells Fargo online transfers. These include the following.

  • Scheduled, meaning the wire has not started processing, and you can still cancel it.
  • Pending meaning, the wire is in process, and you cannot cancel it.
  • Completed meaning the transfer is successful.
  • Failed, meaning that the transfer did not occur.
  • Canceled, meaning that the transfer was declined.
  • Returned, meaning that the receiving bank denied the transfer, and money was returned to your account.

Are there fees for Wells Fargo wire transfers?

You may pay some fees depending on the account type that you are using to wire out money. You can always check the applicable fees online for either a consumer account or a business account. Alternatively, you can call Wells Fargo at 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557) to get information about wire transfer fees.

Can one make a Wells Fargo wire transfer over the phone?

Wells Fargo allows you to make a wire transfer over the phone. You can initiate a voice-activated wire transfer if you set up for the service. You should call Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Services for free at 1-888-384-8400 to carry out the process.

Does Wells Fargo accept money transfers to Cash App?

Cash App supports various types of banks, and Wells Fargo is among those banks that you can use to fund your Cash App transactions. In addition, you can move money from Wells Fargo to Cash App in a simple manner. To transfer money from Wells Fargo to Cash App, you will need to add your Wells Fargo details to Cash App, then request money from the bank when carrying out some transactions with Cash App.

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Conclusion on final thoughts

Wells Fargo is among the most advanced Banks in the US which operates in the US as well as in other countries world wide. To start using Wells Fargo services, you have to open an account online. Wells Fargo allows you to open a bank account online, at a physical branch, or by calling Wells Fargo. Wire transfers at Wells Fargo are complete within the same business day under normal circumstances.

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