How To Send Money Using Google Pay ( Step by Step Guide )

The app operates in the US plus other countries. You can open a Google Pay account using a supported smartphone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch.

How To Send Money Using Google Pay ( Step by Step Guide )
Google Pay, also known as GPay, is a digital wallet that connects with your Google account. Google developed it to help users make in-app purchases and make payments in stores that accept mobile payments. The wallet eliminates the need for cash and payment cards (credit, debit, and prepaid cards). You only need to walk to a store where you want to buy a commodity and pay on the Point of Sale, as you shall see shortly. You will also learn how to send money through Google Pay.

Since Google Pay operates online, you have to open an account online using a secure internet connection and a supported device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer or any device that can support this operation. However, it is more convenient to use the payment service on a smartphone. Some advanced smartwatches can also support Google Pay and more so those with the latest operating systems. When making payments with your Google Pay wallet, your details are safe as Google Pay uses a token known as a virtual account number as a stand-in.

It is also crucial to know that Google Pay also works with Apple devices. If you have an iPhone, an Apple smartwatch, or an iPad, you can easily use the app without any issues. Again, Google Pay does not operate in all countries of the world. When registering, Google Pay will display supported countries in the dropdown menu, and thus you will be able to see if your country is among the supported countries. Furthermore, Google Pay will not display the app in the Play Store’s search list if your country is not supported.

How to set up Google Pay

To get started with Google Pay, you will begin by registering online. After that, you will have to download the Google Pay account from the Google Play Store. After downloading the application, you can follow the steps below to set up an account.

  • Open the Google Pay app.
  • Hit the Get Started button.
  • Next, hit on the Connect to Gmail tab. You will need to give Google Pay permission access to your device’s location. You can tap the blue-lettered ‘Turn On’ button at the bottom of the screen to turn your location on.
  • Navigate to the Payment tab, and then tap on the Add Payment Method button. You can add a card or your bank account. You can either add the card’s details manually or take the card’s picture with your phone. You have to capture the card’s number, the expiration date, and CVC number as clear as possible for successful card addition to the system.
  • Hit the save button.
  • Next, Google will display the ‘Verify Your Card screen,’ and you will need to choose where you want to get the code for verification. You can choose your phone number or email. 
  • As soon as the code arrives, you should enter it in the field provided.
  • After that, hit the Submit button.

The importance of adding a card or a bank account to your Google Pay account is to use it to fund your transactions. You can also transfer money from Google Pay to a bank account. Unfortunately, foreign banks are currently not supported by the app. Therefore, you should ensure that you use a US bank.

How does Google Pay work?

The wallet works in a simple manner so long as you take your time to understand in and out of the app. Generally, Google Pay allows you to shop online and at physical stores without the need for cash or a payment card. You only need to download the Google Pay app, create an account and link the card with your app. Upon doing so, you can even leave your cards at home.

Google Pay also allows you to send and receive money. In Fact, receiving money from your friends and relatives is among the convenient ways you can top up your Google Pay account.

How to send money through Google Pay

The sending money feature on your Google Pay account is only applicable in the United States. You cannot receive money from another country.

When sending money, you can follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • Open your Google Pay app to log in to your account.
  • Hit on send, and then choose send or request.
  • Choose the recipient in your contact list or enter the recipient’s phone number or email address.
  • Enter the amount of money to send.
  • Confirm the payment method or change it if you like.
  • Hit confirm and send.

If you encounter troubles when transfering money, you can try the following solutions to proceed.

  • Add another payment option. You can add another card and see whether you will succeed in your transaction.
  • Double-check the various pieces of information you gave when opening your account. They include the address, names, and account info, among others.
  • Check on red banners and alerts to see if there is any suspicious activity.
  • The last option is to contact Google Pay support to help you solve the issues.

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You can also use Google Pay to receive payments from friends and relatives. Receiving money from others is free of charge. If you are receiving money for the first time, then the following is the process to receive money from others.

1. Tap on Claim Money

When someone sends you money to your Google Pay account, you will see an option to claim the money. You should tap on it to direct you to your Google Pay app, where the balance will eventually reflect. If you do not have the Google Pay app, you will need to download one before claiming your funds.

2. Add a bank or card to your account.

Google Pay will direct the funds to the card or bank account added when you claim your money. You also need to provide other details such as address when asked for. Make sure you comply with claiming your funds successfully.

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3. claim

The stage to accepting payments for the first time is to claim the funds. Here, you will initiate a transfer to your card or bank account and wait for Google Pay to process the transaction. You can set your bank or card as your default payment method. That will help you in the subsequent transactions as the funds received will always move straight to your bank or card.

By the way, Google Pay is a valuable medium to transfer money to someone else’s bank account since when you send money to someone’s Google Pay account, the funds reflect directly into their bank account.

Remember that you cannot claim funds sent from another country. When you try to claim the funds, you will always see the error “can’t claim money with this payment profile.” As I mentioned earlier, Google Pay does not support receiving money from countries other than the US.

Can I use a credit card to send money using Google Pay?

Google Pay does not support funding your transfers using a credit card. You must use a debit card or a US bank account for the transfer to go through.

Can you transfer funds from Google Pay to PayPal?

Google Pay does not work with PayPal. Therefore, you can not transfer money from Google Pay to PayPal. However, you may use a bank account that links to both PayPal and Google Pay accounts. Once you transfer money from your Google Pay account, you can log into your PayPal account and add money from the bank account.

How do you pay with a Google Pay app?

Google Pay allows you to pay for your goods and services at a store. If you want to pay for goods and services at a shop or restaurant, you should look for the wireless payment logo at the register. The symbol looks like a hand holding a square piece of cheese over a plate of curved hotdogs, which are of increasing lengths.

Upon seeing the symbol, unlock your phone, and Google will use the NFC to connect to the register. After connecting, Google Pay will trigger default card opening to facilitate your payment. You have to hold your phone inches away for the transfer to complete successfully.

Interestingly, you can withdraw money at an ATM using the Google Pay account if the ATM supports contactless withdrawals. Google Pay allows you to withdraw money from the linked debit card at an ATM. You have to enter your debit card PIN to withdraw money.

Can you transfer funds from Google pay to someone else’s bank account?

You can move money from Google Pay to someone else’s bank account. You need to select a new payment on the screen, then proceed as per the instructions. Even though you can send money with a checking account number instantly using your online account, Google Pay transfer is also convenient.

Is it secure to use Google Pay?

Google Pay is a secure payment platform that uses various layers of security to ensure that your money is safe. All your data is encrypted to prevent authorized access. When accessing the app, you do so using a password, PIN, or Touch ID. Unless you share your login details with someone else, there is no way anyone will access your Google Pay account.

Conclusion on final thoughts

Google Pay is a payment platform that allows you to make in-app payments and payments in other stores. The app operates in the US plus other countries. You can open a Google Pay account using a supported smartphone, tablet, computer, or smartwatch. Google Pay allows you to pay at the register contactless using the NFC at physical stores. Google Pay does not support the transfer of money to PayPal.

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