How to get paid without forcefully using PayPal

It is obvious that when working online from home, PayPal is an easy access to get paid that is you work and see the money immediately no need waiting

 It is obvious that when working online from home, PayPal is an easy access to get paid that is you work and see the money immediately no need waiting for a check. Today, the fees are starting to get a little annoying. So, there are more payment solutions which I recommend you to. Right now, get paid without PayPal all the time. In fact, very few clients still pay using that service. It’s a wonderful thing thing.

How to get paid without using PayPal

Get this few ways on how to get paid without PayPal

Direct Deposit

More and more of my clients want to pay via direct deposit. This is an amazing development for us. This therefore implies that we wont have to worry about fees, and the money just appears in our bank account.

Because it’s important to keep your personal finances separate from your business finances. It works very well. I get paid on time, don’t pay fees, and my clients usually outsource the payroll to fintech payment platforms so it makes them happy, too.

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 Google Wallet

There are still fees if you send money with a credit card, but if you are a freelancer who wants to get paid, Google Wallet can be a great choice. Unlike PayPal, which will charge you to receive money, Google Wallet doesn’t take a fee when you receive money. It’s free to transfer money to your account. See if your clients will pay you using Google Wallet to avoid some of the PayPal fees. That's indeed a wonderful thing.

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 You can use Due to send and receive global payments. Due offers a digital wallet, and we offer eCash solutions. It’s a new world out there, and you really don’t need to rely or depend entirely on PayPal to get paid.

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Bitcoin (BTC) and other Crypto currencies

Fintech payments have given rise to entirely digital currencies. The most well-known is Bitcoin.

When using this you don’t have to worry about fees. It’s easy to send money around the world, and as long as you keep your cryptocurrency wallet backed up, mostly secure and reliable.

Beyond Bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies, all of which use blockchain technology.

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One of my favorite developments in the fintech payments space is Venmo. You can send money from bank account to bank account for free. They don’t have a lot set up for regular work, and they want to be able to make a one-off payment. You pay a fee if you use a credit card, but person-to-person bank transactions, all those are free.

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