15 Best Virtual Credit Card/Debit Cards in USA (Updates)

Virtual Card providers help you to get the computer-generated credit/debit card (not physical plastic cards). They enables you to make purchases onlin

15 Best Virtual cards/debit cards in USA 2021
Virtual Card providers help you to get the computer-generated credit/debit card (not physical plastic cards). They enables you to make purchases online without inputting your original card number. These cards provide fraud protection and auto management on spend limits.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Virtual Card/Debit Services, with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (that is free) and commercial (Which is paid) software.

List of the 15 best virtual credit cards in USA

1) US Unlocked

US Unlocked will allow you to shop U.S. websites from anywhere in the world using our Virtual Payment Cards with U.S. Billing/Shipping Addresses. This payment service is great for anybody wishing to purchase a US service like US Hulu, Netflix, Disney+ and so on and so forth.


  • The company offers 2 types of cards: a one-time use card that cannot be reused after one transaction and a merchant-specific card that locks to a merchant after a transaction.
  • You can load your account depending on your country (Local Bank Transfer, Sofort, Boleto, Yandex and 14 new load methods.

2) Blur

Blur is a VCC provider that helps you to protect your payments, bank transactions, privacy, and password from cybercriminals. It enables you to checkout from the phone, browser, or tablet.


Blur can generate a new credit card number for every purchase.

It can sync securely across all devices.

This service can stop secret data collection, block hidden trackers, and more.

It can encrypt your password.

3) Airtm

Airtm is a platform that helps you to pay money through a virtual card. It allows you to send money online using a real exchange rate. This site allows you to use your dollars to fund your Digital card. 


  • You do not require to keep minimum balances.
  • It enables you to make online purchases in any currency.
  • Provides 24/7 hours support to all users.
  • It offers cards that can be recharged with crypto currencies.
  • Allows you to add money from more than 800 banks world wide

4) Perfect Money

Perfect Money is online service that enables you to generate an e-voucher for any amount. It allows you to transfer money to any receiver. This site can be used to pay for online goods and services securely with no hassle.


  • It allows you to withdraw money as e-currency, Bitcoin, voucher, etc.
  • It enables you to exchange an e-voucher to any other e-currency or cash.
  • You can easily make payments for the goods purchased from E-Commerce website.

5) Advcash

Advcash is a virtual service provider that enables you to shop online without any hassle. It allows you to transfer funds to existing visa cards, email addresses, and other users.

Advcash is an e-payment and e-currency platform who offer services for individuals and online businesses.  These accounts offer users to make payments using multiple currencies, including USD, EUR, RUB, KZT, UAH and BRL. The E-Wallet, AdvCash's platform, allows users to hold up to four currencies in just a single account.


  • You can withdraw money from ATM in any currency.
  • It allows you to add multiple currencies within a single account.
  • This platform performs instant exchange transactions without any hassle.

6) Privacy

Privacy is a virtual credit card service that helps you to protect your money when shopping online. It is one of the best virtual credit card that offers a unique card number that only works for the individual merchant. This company enables you to turn off subscription service with just one mouse click.


  • It offers convenient browser extensions.
  • You can receive instant email alerts when the transactions occur.
  • The card automatically closes after first use.
  • Your card becomes unusable if the card number is exposed.

7) Bento

Bento is a virtual card provider that offers an easy way to manage your organization's expenses and spending. This service helps you to generate and assign a virtual card for your account. The Bento virtual card can be used online and over the phone where Visa debit cards are accepted.

Bento For Business is an expense management prepaid debit card designed to help small businesses identify and totally eliminate sources of cash leaks that hamper their finances, maximize their budget while making their spending transparent and every party accountable.

Funds held within Bento are FDIC insured to at least $250,000 through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC etc. The employees can then be given their own cards to use to make purchases or payments for the business, and the money is subtracted from the funds that the business owner place on the individual's card.


  • The Card information is securely stored in your account.
  • It helps you to manage both virtual and physical cards.
  • You can instantly use a virtual card once it is issued.
  • The card is accessible by authorized users.
  • It offers security and speed than a traditional physical card.

8) Netspend

Netspend is a virtual prepaid card service provider. It helps you make personalized cards with just a unique image and photo. This card service provider sends transaction alters as a text message to it users.

9) American Express Go

American Express Go is a virtual US credit card provider that offers easy to use an expense solution. It provides a faster and flexible way for your freelancers, contractors, and recruiters to make payments from mobile.


  • You can create your virtual card with ease.
  • It helps you to keep track of all the transactions.
  • This service enables you to control spending.
  • Employees of your organization can add funds.

10) ecoVirtualcard

ecoVirtualcard is easy to use a prepaid card provider. It enables you to securely pay goods online over a smartphone without disclosing personal information. ecoVirtualcard works like a normal debit card or credit card so you can use your virtual card when you make payments online or over the phone.


  • It offers instant and safe payment service.
  • ecoVirtualcard has 2 step verification process through the phone.
  • You can get a card PIN without any hassle.
  • This virtual credit card USA service gives multilingual support.

11) Brex

Bext is a corporate service provider that provides a virtual card once it is approved. You can integrate it with Xero NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Expensify.


  • It can protect from fraud while managing your cash.
  • You can apply for the card with ease.
  • Brex provides live customer care support.
  • It helps you to manage expenses with ease.

12) Emburse

Emburse is a company that offers both virtual and physical credit cards. It has role-based permission and approval. This company protects from fraud by verifying person for each transaction.


  • It offers real-time insights and reports.
  • Emburse provides a mobile receipt.
  • It supports Apple Wallet and Android Pay.
  • The application can automatically categorize expenses.
  • It helps you to manage your purchase.

13) ePayService

ePayService is a company that enables you to have a safe and secure online payment. It is one of the best virtual credit card providers that helps you to control your online shopping with cards.


  • It can quickly distribute your virtual card.
  • The company supports USD, GBP, and EUR.
  • It can keep the details of your card safe.
  • You can customize your online shopping using different values.
  • The maximum purchase amount is 3500 USD.
  • It does not take any monthly or purchase transaction fees.

14) iCard

iCard is a virtual card service provider that helps you to manage money from your phone. It is one of the best virtual debit cards provider that enables you to shop from eCommerce websites with ease and securely.


  • It can perform real-time transactions.
  • You can open the account from anywhere to get a virtual credit card number.
  • iCard provides instant notification for any transactions.
  • It offers master cards and visa cards.
  • You can delete virtual card single online payment.

15) Divvy

Divvy is a service for a virtual card that can be used for online payment. It can make your transactions using a 16-digit card number. This company allows you to set a limit on each virtual card.


  • This online virtual credit card service offers force card expiration dates and the merchant locking facility.
  • It provides protection from the data breach.
  • You can delete or free virtual cards.
  • Divvy helps you to choose the card amount you want, and the funds are loaded on the card from your budget.
  • You can use cards anywhere you want to.

15 Best virtual credit cards in USA

How Do Virtual Credit Card Works?

A Virtual credit card works almost the same as a normal credit card, but it offers additional security. It is a temporary and randomly generated 16-digit card number that you can use while making online payments. This 16-digit number is linked to your credit card, which makes it hard to commit any fraud. You just need to enter your virtual credit card number instead of your regular credit card number, and the next or further process is just the same.

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