Describe and explain the role played by: a) German officials b) German traders c) local Douala chiefs in the German annexation of Cameroon in 1884. Wh

  1. Identify the British official  who earned the nickname "Too Late" because he arrived Douala after the Germano-Duala treaty of 1884 been signed.
    a) Nachtigal
    b) Hewett
    c) Max Buchner
    d) Emile Schultze
  2. Which of the following European powers did the Cameroonian Coastal chiefs prefer to annex Cameroon.
    a) France
    b) Germany
    c) France
    d) Belgium
  3. The following were reasons for British reluctance to annex Cameroon by 1884 except:
    a) Fear of diseases
    b) Avoid war with the natives
    c) Cameroon was economically less important
    d) They were afraid of Germany and France
  4. Identify the main reasons for British interest in the annexation of Cameroon.
    a) New of French treaties with King Pass-All of Malimba
    b) British traders were disobeying the British officials in Cameroon
    c) Germans were Practicing slave trade
    d) Gold was discovered on the Cameroon Coast
  5. Cameroon preferred Britain to annex their territory for the following reasons excepts:
    a) Cameroonians were impressed by Saker's works
    b) Many Cameroonians loved English laws
    c) There was good trading relations
    d) The British suppressed witchcraft
  6. Cameroonians showed their preference for the Brtish in all of these forms except:
    a) Traded with them
    b) accepted their religion
    c) Wrote letters requesting annexation
    d) Intermarried with the natives
  7. Britain reacted to German annexation of Cameroon in all the following ways except:
    a) Refused t respect the German flag
    b) Rejected the Germano-Duala treaty
    c) Rebuked Duala chiefs and pressurized them to sign another treaty with them.
    d) Waged war against the Germans
  8. Below is a list of Christian missions in pairs. Identify the pair of missionary groups that were involved in the transfer of Victoria to German Kamerun in the late 1880s.
    a) Baptist mission and Basel Mission
    b) London Baptist Mission and American Presbyterian Mission
    c) Basel Mission and the Catholic Mission
    d) The American Presbyterian mission and the Basel Mission
  9. Which of the following did France transfer to Germany following the German annexation of Cameroon?
    a) Douala territory
    b) Victoria Colony
    c) The Coastline from Rid Del Rey to Campo
  10. Her Britannic Magesty's consul for the Brigts of Benin and Biafra do hereby notify to all whom it may concern in compliance with the wishes of the inhabitants, the territory which has long been in possession and occupation...?
    Identify Her Magesty's consul mentioned in line 1 of the above extract.
    a) Gladstone
    b) Victoria
    c) Nicolls
    d) Hewett
  11. Which of the following explained why German trade increased steadily during the period 1879 to 1884?
    i) German goods were of a higher quality
    ii) German trade was well organized
    iii) The indigenous people had fallen in love with German goods
    iv) The Germans provided credit facilities to the natives
    a) (i) and (ii)
    b) (ii) and (iv)
    c) (i) and (iii)
    d) (iii) and (iv)
  12. Which contributed most in influencing German annexation of Cameroon in 1884?
    a) The desire to own colonies
    b) The wish to challenge Britain in the Colonial race
    c) British reluctance to colonize Cameroon 
    d) Pressure from the French



  1. Describe and explain the role played by:
    a) German officials
    b) German traders
    c) local Douala chiefs in the German annexation of Cameroon in 1884. What were the main provisions of the Final  Germano-Duala treaty? June 2000
  2. What were the major terms of the Germano-Duala treaty of July 1884? Why did the Germans not abide by the terms of the treaty after 1885? What  were the treaty reactions of the various Cameroonians ethnic groups towards the signing of the treaty? 
  3. Trace the events which led to Cameroon becoming a German colony by 1885. What methods did the Germans take to consolidate it hold and create a German colony by 1913.
  4. a)Show how 
    Britain, Germany, France scrambled to annex Cameroon in the 1880s
    b) Explain why Germany was able to annex Cameroon in 1884.

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