How successful was Bismarck in Isolating France between 1870 and 1890? June 2011


  1. How successful was Bismarck in Isolating France between 1870 and 1890? June 2011
  2. How successful were Bismarck's foreign policy objectives between 1870-1890? SWRM 2015
  3. Analyze the objectives of Bismarck's foreign policy after 1870 and the extent to which he succeeded in achieving them. SWRM 2016
  4. "Even though the treaty of Versailles was in 1919 was largely been criticized, it was nevertheless a good peace treaty". Discuss June 2009
  5. "The view of the 'Big Three' at Versailles in 1919 made decision-making very difficult". Discuss. June 2010
  6. Were the terms imposed on Germany at Versailles justified? June 2012
  7. What arguments are there to justify that the Paris Peace Settlement was not a fair peace Treaty? June 2014
  8. How valid were the Germans criticisms of the Versailles Treaty of 1919? SWRM 2015
  9. Critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of Paris peace settlement of 1919-1923. SWRM 2016
  10. "The merits of the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 were numerous as its demerits". Discuss June 2016
  11. How far did the peace makers succeed in their objectives at Paris during the Paris conference of 1919?
  12. " The league of nation is described as a toothless bull dog " How far is this affirmation true?
  13. Which bears greater responsibility for the failure of collective security in the 1930s: the weaknesses of the League of Nations or the rise of Aggressors? NWRM 2019
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