The theory that the universe originated from the explosion of a single dense mass of matter and evolved subsequently into diverse forms is called:



  1. The theory that the universe originated from the explosion of a single dense mass of matter and evolved subsequently into diverse forms is called:
    a) Evolutionism.
    b) Creationism
    c) Emanationism
    d) Big Bang Theory
  2. When an armed robber breaks into a house to steal, it is adequately considered as:
    a) A human act
    b) An act of a man
    c) Voluntary in itself.
    d) Voluntary in cause.
  3. An act once made and still influence the act being done now, but not present in the person's consciousness at the moment of performing it, is one of:
    a) Interpretative intention
    b) Virtual intention
    c) Habitual intention
    d) Actual intention.
  4. A lady with ectopic pregnancy who opts for abortion; and a student who aborts because of injuries sustained from a fatal motor accident, can best be considered respectively as:
    a) Direct and involuntary abortion
    b) Therapeutic and direct abortion
    c) Direct and indirect abortion
    d) Indirect and Therapeutic abortion
  5. Identify two Philosophers below who think that the state hinders human liberty:
    a) Hegel and Marx
    b) Althusser and Rousseau
    c) Hobbes and Locke
    Marx and Althusser.
  6. Which of the following is an adequate strength of democracy as a form of government?
    a) The is the dominance of the will of majority
    b) There is fear of the Majority
    c) The leaders execute the voted laws
    d) There is protection of minority rights.
  7. What type of justice has to do with the fair meting out of punishment to citizens for wrong doings?
    a) Distributive justice
    b) Contributive justice
    c) Commutative justice
    d) Social justice.
  8. Which of the following is considered as the most adequate definition of religion?
    a) The relationship between the human self and the Devine.
    b) The belief in the existence of a supreme divine entity.
    c) Man's worshipping the absolute spiritual forces.
    d) Man's absolute dependence on a supernatural entity.
  9. St. Anselm's view that " God is a Being than which none greater can be conceived", is basically:
    a) Cosmological.
    b) Teleological.
    c) ontological.
    d) Moral.
  10. A child born with disabilities can partly be described as a consequence of:
    a) Metaphysical evil
    b) Natural evil
    c) Physical evil
    d) Moral evil.
  11. Why does Sartre consider Existentialism as a humanism?
    a) Man is condemned to be free
    b) Man created him self.
    c) Existence is contingency
    d) Existence makes human life possible.
  12. Who asserted that "Ethno-Philosophy is neither Philosophy nor Ethnology"?
    a) Kwasi Wiredu
    b) Njoh Mouelle E.
    c) Pauline Hountondji
    d) Marcien Towa.
  13. Which of the following is clearly an explanation of the Causation in African Metaphysics?
    a) Effects are traceable to a source
    b) The existence of vital forces and nature of the universe
    c) The explanation of myth and legends
    d) The explanation of human predicaments.
  14. Identify the main characteristics of Pan-Africanism below is:
    a) Efforts to encourage development of the African continent:
    b) Search for a new personality for the Africans
    c)Collective consciousness to attain unity
    d) Assertion of being of the African personality.
  15. Which of the following can be considered as a strength of Tribalism?
    a) Can enhance culture friction
    b) Gives rise to ethnic antagonism
    c) Affects peace and stability
    d) Imposes a root to the individual.
  16. a false view of Nkrumah's Consciencism is:
    a) The reawakening of self-consciousness of the Africans
    b) An intellectual revolution of the Africans
    c) The education of the masses for positive action
    d) aimed at the realization of infrastructural development.
  17. Descartes's main preoccupation in the First Meditation is to demonstrate that:
    a) The sense are deceptive and unreliable
    b) God exists and the soul is immortal
    c) The body is a  extended thing
    d) The body and the soul are distinct.
  18. What is the main significance of the Evil Demon Argument in Descartes " Meditation on First Philosophy"?
    a) Doubt is the basis of  Truth
    b) Certitude is the basis of truth
    c) The senses are are deceptive
    d) the mind is the basis of the truth.
  19. what according to Descartes, is the real source of error?
    a) The wrong choice of man
    b) the human intellect
    c) The act of human will
    d) The misuse use of free will.
  20. according to Descartes, the idea of God :
    a) Is produced by something external to the mind
    b) Exists independently of experience
    c) Is simply an invention of the mind 
    d) Is innate.
  21. Which of these is false about Descartes view of the senses?
    a) Sense are basically deceptive
    b) Sense come from experience
    c) All knowledge of the Senses should be discarded.
    d) Knowledge of the senses are apriori
  22. To the empiricists and rationalists, the primary and reliable source of knowledge are respectively:
    a) Senses and Evidence.
    b) Reason and Experience
    c) Experience and reason
    d) Thought and intuition.
  23. the scientific method of inquiry can be best considered credible because it is:
    a) Rectificative in its approach
    b) Limited to the efficiency of the instrument used
    c) Based on assumptions
    d) Spatio-temporary determined.
  24. Language, artifact and music are considered as cultures which are respectively:
    a) Material, spiritual, Material
    b) Spiritual, Spiritual, Material
    c) Material, Material, Spiritual
    d) spiritual, Material, Spiritual.
  25. Which of these is an adequate significance of the Paradoxes of Zeno?
    a) Impossibility of change.
    b) The senses are not deceptive
    c) Being is becoming
    d) Appearance produces only opinion
  26. Which of these statements is false about Gorgias's dictum " Nothing Exists"?
    a) The truth is unattainable
    b) The truth cannot be communicated
    c) Non-being is real and being is not
    d) Being is incomprehensible
  27. Given the proposition: "All humans are rational" as true, what can be inferred of E,I and O respectively?
    a) False, True, False
    b) True, False, false
    c) False, False, Doubtful
    d) Doubtful, True, False.
  28. which modes of Eductions are inapplicable to all categorical propositions?
    a) Contraposition and Obversion
    b) Contraposition and Conversion
    c) Inversion and Obversion
    d) Inversion and Contraposition.
  29. The special Rule of the first and second figures are respectively:
    a) The minor premise must be affirmative; the major premise must be negative
    b) The Major premise must be universal; the minor premise must be affirmative
    c) One of the premise must be negative; the conclusion must be particular
    d) The Major premise must be universal; one of the premise must be negative.
  30. Determine the fallacy most clearly committed in an AEO-3 argument
    a) Illicit process of Major
    b) Illicit process of minor
    c) The undistributed Middle
    d) exclusive premise.
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