The 1939-45 war strongly influenced the growth of nationalism and decolonization in some many ways during the Trusteeship period in French Cameroon. I

 Study this extract on the decolonization of French Cameroon and answer question (1) to (2) which follow. JUNE 2019


The 1939-45 war strongly influenced the growth of nationalism and decolonization in some many ways during the Trusteeship period in French Cameroon. It saw the rise of so many political parties, trade unions and removal of harsh colonial policies from the French status books. The French started allowing freedom of association and other freedoms in the spirit of the Atlantic charter of 1941. To allow the locals govern the selves.

The indigenous political party in French Cameroon was created in the late 1940s. Amongst the aim of the party was the reunification of French and British Cameroon. Because the Party was allied to the French communist party, it performed poorly in the 1951-52 elections that offered room for the locals to participate in the running of their affairs. In December 1952, the party presented a memorandum to the UN Visiting Mission in Cameroon in Which they highlighted their disgust with the French policies. They Were 10 Invited to present their case the 4th commitee of the the United Nations

In the 1950s the French colonial government took steps to check the influence of this party in the political affairs of French Cameroon. Their members were removed and refused to participate in local elections thereafter. A guerrilla war ensued in the Bassa and the Bamileke regions. The French colonial administration promulgated the Loi Cadre, to prepare the territory towards self government. Elections into ALCAM were held and the following results were produced:

Political Parties                                                 No. of seats
Union Camerounais                                               30
Democrat Camerounais                                         20
Paysan Independent                                               09
Group D'Action National                                       08
Independent Candidates                                        03

Between 1957 and 1959; when the trusteeship Argument with France and the United Nations, the transformation from a self-governing territory to an independent nation was rapid. Ahidjo and the French seemed to have have worked so closely, which made it possible for French Cameroon to gain it's independence.

Source: Adapted from The Anglo-French Condominium In Cameroon 1914-1916: History of a misunderstanding by Lovett Elango and edited by Panel.

  1. i) What name is given to the 1939-45 war, mentioned in mine 11. ii) Name any one trade union that was formed in French Cameroon before 1945. iii) Write down two harsh colonial policies that were removed from French status books (line 3). iv) In what year did the Trusteeship period begin in French Cameroon?
  2. i) Give the name and the year , the first indigenous party mentioned in line 6 was formed in French Cameroon. ii) Apart from the reunification of the French Cameroon as well as the British Cameroon, give two other aims of the party in 2(i) above.
  3. i) Name the personality who presented the grievances of the party to the UN Visiting Mission of 1952 (line9). ii) Name any two of the grievances he presented to the UN Visiting Mission. iii) Name the French colonial administrator who took steps to check the influence of this party in French Cameroon (line 12).
  4. i) From the results recorded in the AlCAM Election, write down the names of any of the two political parties and that formed the first internal self-government in 1957. ii) Name the head of the first self-government in French Cameroon.
  5. i) In what year did Ahidjo gain independence for French Cameroon? ii) What activities did he carry out to consolidate his hold on power before 1970?

Questions under Cameroon since 1850

  1. Why did Cameroon Coastal chiefs show interests in the British annexation of their territory? For What reasons did the British turn down their request? How did Germany annex Cameroon by 1884?
  2. Write short horizontal notes on any FOUR of the following in the History of French Cameroon. a) The Brazzaville conference of 1944. b) The UPC revolts of the 1950s. c) The Loi Cadre of 1956. d) The resignation of Andre Marie Mbida in 1958. e) Trade union activities in the 1940s
  3. Why and how did Ahidjo create a Unitary stale in Cameroon in 1972 and what have been the benefits on West Cameroon?

Section B : African since 1870 ( excluding Cameroon )

  1. What political factors motivated the European scramble for Africa? Describe the Various imperialist methods used by Europeans to acquire territories in Africa and explain why African resistance to colonial rule failed.
  2. What do You understand by the term African Nationalism? In what ways did the second world war of 1939 -45 contribute to the rise of African Nationalism sentiments in Africa after 1945? Trace the stages Kenya took to achieve independence.
  3. What were the aims of the OAU when it was founded in 1963? Describe the structure and the political successes of the organization.

Section c : World Diplomacy since 1870

  1. In what ways did the failure and collapse of Bismarckian diplomacy after 1891 contribute to the out break of the first world war? What losses did Germany suffer as a result o the outcome of the war in Europe and the rest of the world?
  2. What were the main provisions of the Peace Traety of Versailles of 1919? Describe the steps taken by Aldolf  Hitler in the 1930s to violate the treaty leading to the outbreak of the second world war.
  3. Outline the measures taken by the UNO since it's creation to (i) prevent and (ii) manage the refugee crises in the world. What obstacle have worked against a lasting solution to this crisis?
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