The period 1879-1883 was characterised by series of petitions addresed to her majesty's Government by Cameroon coastal rulers demanding annexation



Question one is compulsory. Answer either 1A or 2Bnand one other question from this section.

A. Study this extract on petitions addressed by Cameroonian chiefs to British authorities In the 1870s and 1880s requesting the British annexation and then answer questions (a-e) which follow.

    The period 1879-1883 was characterised by series of petitions addresed to her majesty's Government by Cameroon coastal rulers demanding annexation on their territory. Petitions were written in 1879 and 1881 by the Duala kings addressed to the British Monarch.

Regrettably, Her Majesty's Government turned a deaf ear to all these demands for annexation.

The main task of the British Government in Cameroon was to regulate trade and commercial relations through consular activities witth the setting up of court of  Equity and Justice. 

By 1884, the Germans and the French became interested in the annexation of Cameroon . The British and the Germans dispatch enyoys to annex Cameroon.

   The head of German Government sent a confidential letter  to the agent  of the Karl Woerman Trading firm in Cameroon. In the letter, he advised the agent to cooperate with her sister. German firms in Cameroon to make concrete arrangements for german annexation by obtaining collectively from the four chiefs in Cameroon, the cession of the sovereignty of the whole area belonging to them for his majesty... The German war ship, the Moewe, carrying the envoy and his delegation will soon be withy you ... In their contacts with the chiefs, they should highlight the advantages they will have when protected by the Kaiser of Germany... on 12th July 1884, the Germano-Duala Treaty was signed.

Source: adapted from: Cameroon: 1884-1985, Hundred years of History by victor Julius Ngoh.


ai. Name the two Duala kings who wrote the petition to the British Monarch in 1879.

ii.  Identify by name the British Monarch to whom petition of 1879 was written.

iii. Write down the name of tthe native ruler of Victoria who wrote the third petition to the monarch mentioned in (a)ii above.

bi. Write down the name of the British consular official who was charged with carrying out consular activities in the area in the 1880s.

ii.  In which two Cameroon coastal towns were counts of Equity and Justice set up?

ci.  Write the name of the head of tthe German Government and the envoy he dispatched to annex Cameroon in 1884.

ii.  Write down the names of the two agents of German firms operating at the coast of Cameroon who were to assist the envoy in the annexation of Cameroon.

di. Write the name of the Kaiser of Germany mentioned in line 20.

ii.  Give any three advantages  the Duala kings and Chiefs were to gain if annexed by the Germans.

e.  How did cameroon react to the German annexation from 1884- 1890?

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