a .How is blood important to living organisms? b) Give the structural and functional differences between arteries and veins. c) Why do multcellula



  1. a .How is blood important  to  living organisms?  b) Give the structural and functional differences between  arteries and veins. c) Why do multcellular organisms need a transport system? June 2004
  2. a. Describe an experment to measure the rate of transpiration by a leafly shoot. b) What would happen to the leaves of a plant, which was losing water by transpiration faster than it was taking it up from roots?
  3. How would the following affect the rate of transpiration   i). Light intensity, ii). humdity, iii). Temperature, iv). air movements and v). atmospheric pressure? June 2006
  4. a. State the similarities and differences between transpiration and sweeting b). how is transpiration important to plants? June 2007
  5. How does blood function in defence? June 2007
  6. a. List the food requirements of mamals. b). In what ways are herbivorous and carnivorous mammals adapted to their respective diets? June 1979
  7. a. What is the fate of carbohydrate products produced during photosynthesis? b). Describe an experiment to show that oxygen is produced during photosynthesis. June 1986
  8. a. Describe how photosynthesis occurs in a green leaf. b). Describe an experiment to show that carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis. June 1989
  9. a. Distinguish between pollination and fertilization. b). Describe how fertilization is brought about in a named floweriing plant. c). Briefly outline the fate of the fertilized ovule.  June 1980
  10. a. Distiguish 

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