It is the process that is associated with the A horizon of soil. a) Eluviation, b) illuviation, c) Weathering.


  1. It is the process that is associated with the A horizon of soil. a) Eluviation, b) illuviation, c) Weathering.
  2. It refers to the relative proportion of the various mineral particles in a soil. a) soil structure, b) soil depth, c) soil PH, d) soil texture.
  3. One of the following is not a method that is used to determine soil texture on field. a) ternary diagram, b) sedimentation, c) sieve method, d) feel method
  4. The textural class with an almost equal proportion of sand, clay and silt is. a) loam, b) sandy loam, c) silty clay, d) sandy
  5. Isolate the correct combination below. a) sand, loam and clay, b) Angular, sand and clay, c) blocky, prismatic and columnar, d) loam, silt and crumb
  6. what is the textual class of the soil sample with the following composition: clay 20%, silt 70%, and sand 10%? a) silt loam, b) sandy loam, c) loam, d) clay
  7. Which of the following soil structure are likely to hinder soil drainage and air circulation. a) crumby, b) prismatic, c) platy, d) blocky
  8. The following pedogenic regimes EXCEPT ONE translocation of the soil materials. a) podsolisation, b) Gleization, c) salinisation, d) laterization.
  9. Which of the following is most likely to result in soil erosion. a) contour ploughing, b) crop rotation, c) afforestation, d) hedgerow removal
  10. A sequence of vegetation changes in a given area caused by changes in the habitat describes. a) prisere, b) plant succession, c) subsere, d) pioneer community
  11. A plant succession on an environment that has never been colonized by plant before is. a) primary succession b) secondary succession c) lithosere d) halosere
  12. A succession is described as secondary if it occurs. a) virgin land b) bare rock surface c) site that was formally inhabited by vegetation d) well drained land
  13. A primary succession on a bare rock surface is a. a) psammosere b) halosere c) lithosere d) hydrosere
  14. A psammosere is a type of primary succession that occur on a. a well drained land b) sand dune c) a bare rock surface d) a march
  15. Which one of the following is not a suitable site for primary succession? a) newly emerged sea bed b) recently formed sand dune c) recently emitted sand layers d) abandoned farm land
  16. The following are some of the changes that are associated with plant succession except one which is the exception? a) higher life form replace forms b) the is a progressive increase in soil depth, organic content and horizon differentiation c) species diversity increase d) productivity of the community decrease
  17. Changes in plant communities brought about by the external factors is described as? a) external succession b) allugenic c) authogenic d) sere
  18.  The final plant community of a particular long term succession left undisturbed which is in dynamic equilibrium with the environmental condition is termed? a) climax community b) seral community c) a plagiaclimax community d) a poneer community
  19. The term competition in ecology succession refers to. a the shading out of lower plants by taller ones b) the death of senile plant and their replacement by the next generation of that species c) the struggle for space and for the available resources involving elimination and replacement of weaker species d) adaptation of existing environmental conditions
  20. What is the present status of the tropical grassland? a) climax vegetation b) natural vegetation c) plegioclimax vegetation d) sub climax vegetation
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