a. Identify the main types and characteristics of agriculture in the highland regions of Cameroon. b) Examine how the following have hindered agricult



SECTION C: Cameroon Geography

  1. a. Identify the main types and characteristics of agriculture in the highland regions of Cameroon. b) Examine how the following have hindered agricultural development in Cameroon. i) Fluctuations of weather and climatic conditions; ii) Marketing and organization problems.
  2. a. Examine the main characteristics of zonal soils in Cameroon. b) Account for the contrast in population density between the Adamawa and the coastal lowlands; c) Outline the main characteristics of the coastal industrial region.
  3. Examine the spatial distribution and level of exploitation of either i) Fisheries OR ii) Energy resources. b) Show how the exploitation of the natural resource has contributed to the growth of the economy of Cameroon. 
  4. Examine the causes and consequences of the following environmental issues in Cameroon a) Bush fires. b) Floods. c) Deforestation. d) Volcanicity and earth quakes.
  5. a. For the Adamawa plateau and south Cameroon low Plateau, briefly describe the major aspects of the relief. b.i) Identify and describe the distribution of mineral and power potentials of these two regions. ii) How far has the exploitation of these resources contributed to the socio-economic growth in each of these regions. June 2015
  6. a. Describe  the relationship between climate and soils in Cameroon. b) Examine the influence of climate and soils on the following: i) Distribution of livestock types in Cameroon. ii) Distribution of crops farming systems in Cameroon. June 2015
  7. a. Show how the two main seasons of the climate in Cameroon are the result of the influence of air masses from different sources. b) Identify ant three broad areas  of low population density and explain how physical and human factors have been responsible for such densities. June 2015
  8. a. identify, locate and comment on the touristic potentials of Cameroon that owe their location to climate and vegetation. b) Explain why few Cameroonians visit other parts of the country as tourists. June 2015
  9. a. Briefly describe the characteristics of the climate of the Northern low lands and the Coastal low lands of Cameroon b) Show how the differences in the characteristics  of climate types have resulted in i) Differences in types of agriculture ii) differences in the magnitude of problems faced by the farmers. June 2017
  10. a. Identify the main soil type in the south Cameroon low plateau and briefly describe its Characteristics. b) Locate the various mineral resources of Cameroon south of the Adamawa plateau and explain why many are yet to be exploited. June 2017
  11. a. Identify and locate the main relief regions and drainage features of Cameroon from the Adamawa plateau northwards. b) i. Name four national parks or reserve in the northern regions identified in (a) above ii) Examine the major touristic attractions( apart from the parks and reserves) in this northern part and explain why tourists visit them. c) Outline the infrastructural  and services and have been put in place to facilitate tourism here. June 2017
  12. a. With the reference to any two contrasting regions of Cameroon, explain the contributions of any three of the following factors towards the existing contrast in the level of economic development. Relief, historical factors, socio-cultural differences, nature of soils and geology. b) What measure have been undertaken to reduce the development gap between the identified regions? June 2017

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