Briefly explain any 3 of the following; continental hazards and mitigation strategies, volcanic and earth quakes hazards and copying strategies.


1. Differentiate between any 3 of he following concepts or terms.

-Urban and Rural climate,

-Evapotranspiration and Precipitation,

-Af climate and Am climate.


2. Briefly explain any 3 of the following.

-Coastal hazards and mitigation strategies.

-Volcanic and Earth quake hazards and copying strategies.

-Two differences between frost action and thermal shattering.

3. Explain the following.

-Soil as a system.

-Concept of eco-system equilibrium.

-Problems of exploiting ferralitic soils.

-The relationship between climate, soils and vegetation



4. Examine any 2 of the following as used in population geography.

- Population problems.

- Population lapse rate.

-Three reasons for uneven distribution in the world's population.

5.Explain any 2 of the following.

- Positive and negative effects of green revolution
- The influence of raw materials in industrial location.

- Three limitations of Von Thonen's  Model of agricultural land use.

6. Describe and account for any3 factors that influence types of rural settlement pattern.

-With references to bid rent, explain the zonation of function from the Central Business Districts outwards to the periphery.

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