it refers to those population which may be measured and for which data are collected from censuses or vital registration

 It refers to those aspects of the population which may be  measured and for which  data are collected either from censuses or vital registrations. These aspects of population structure include sex, marital status, family size, marriage etc.All these above are quantitative aspects. Qualitative aspects include physical psycological characteristics, social and cultural grouping. Innate characteristics involve those aspects acquired from birth such as sex  age etc as opposed  to those acquired during life like marriage occupation etc. Demographic composition examine the age and the sex composition 


Age structure of composition. This refers to the proportion of people contained within the various age groups.The study of the age structure o a country is advantage in the following domains.

  • SOCIAL PLANING: A good knowledge of the age structure helps to determine the types of social facilities.
         ECONOMIC PLANNING: Age structure helps the government to know her labor requirement                that is the nature of job creation and industries to establish.
  • MILITARY PLANNING: a structure is helpful in determining which age group should be recruited in the army may be fro 18-25 or even lower or higher depending on the age group.
  • Demographic planning:The age structure helps the government to determine whether to encourage fertility or discourage it that is immigration or emigration.

  • POLITICAL PLANNING:The help the government to determine the voting age 


Three main groups can be distinguish that is the infant, adults and the aged.
    Infants ( the young or the children) it is composed of all those that fall between 0-19 or 0-16 in some countries. Infants are from 0-12 while the while adolescents are from 13-19. The are economically unproductive, the contribute to little or nothing in soci-economic development, the are biologically non reproductive.
   The Adults concern all those between 20 -64 and the young adults fall between 20-34 while the old adults fall between 35-65. They are economically productive, it is constituted of the independent population, the are biologically reproductive.
   The age or the old is made up of the people from 65 and above. Here the females are biologically non reproductive and economically non productive the minority of the old men may be biologically reproductive also they are made up of the dependent age group. 


This is a situation in which a country where the youths or infants or adolescent  from bulk of the population (constituting over 40 percent) while the age forms only small proposition (less than 5 percent . Because of high mortality rate very few people attend the old age. Developing countries of Asia, Lattern America, Africa where birth rates and mortality are high. because of high mortality rate, very few people attend the old age.

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