GCE O - Level (History)

Why was the O.A.U created?, b) How was it organized to achieve its objectives, c) What successes and failures did the O.A.U record between 1963-1980
GCE O - Level (History)

This questions are based on ordinary level History the 1880's in Africa.


a. Why was the O.A.U created?
b. How was it organized to achieve its objectives?
c. What successes and failures did the O.A.U record between 1963-1980?


a. Bring out the objectives.
b. Bring out the organization.
c. The successes and failures.

2a. Describe the circumstances leading to the creation of the O.A.U in 1963.
b. How far did the O.A.U tackle Africa between 1963 and 1980. 


a. bring out the origin.
b. Bring out the achievements and the failures of the O.A.U.


a. What do understand  by the scramble of Africa in the 1880's?
b. what were the motives of the scramble in Africa in the 1880's?
c. In what ways did the scramble for Africa affect Africa?


a. Meaning of the scramble.
b. Bring out the Economic, social, political and military motives.
c. Bring out the negative and positive effects of of the partition of Africa.
4a. What were the economic and social causes of European scramble for Africa and the partition of Africa in the 1880's.
b.  Why was the conquest of Africa nearly completed by 1900?


a. Bring out the economic and social cause.
b. Bring out the reasons for the failure of Africa resistance.


a. Why did European penetrate and occupy the interior of Africa after the 1880's?
b. What problems did they encounter and how did they tackle problems?


a. Bring out the economic and social reasons.
b. Bring out problems they encountered and solutions.

6a. Explain why the Europeans were able to colonize most of Africans by 1914.
b. How do you explain the successes of the Abyssinian to over come Italian colonization by 1896.


a. Reasons for the failure of African resistance.
b. Reasons why the resistance succeeded  in Africa.


a. Explain why the Africans resisted European penetration and occupation of Africa.
b. Explain the significance of the following.
- Abyssinian resistance under Menenich,
- The Mandica resistance under Samoure Toure,
- Maji-Maji revolt.


a. reasons for African resistance.
b. Bring out the significance.

8a. Examine the events which led to the summoning of the Berlin West African conference of 1884.
b. What major decision were taken in the conference?
c. In what way did the decision taken in the conference affect Africa?


a. Objectives of he conference.
b. Main decisions taken at the conference. 
c. Achievements and failure of the conference.
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