1a. Draw a large and neatly labeled diagram of motor neurone. b. Briefly describe how a nerve impulse is transmitted along a motor neurone. c




1a. Draw a large and neatly labeled diagram of motor neurone.

b.   Briefly describe how a nerve impulse is transmitted along a motor neurone.

c.   Difine the term reflex action, giving an example.

2a. How does blood function as a transport medium?

 b.  Describe the mechanism of blood clothing on the side of a wound.

 c. A woman who is Rh negative marries a man who is Rh positive.

 i.  Explain what hapens if her first baby is Rh positive.

ii.  Explain what happens to the subsequent pregnancies.

3a. Define the following words:

 i.  Sexual intercourse

 ii. Fertilization

iii. Sex-link genes

b.  What are the disadvantages of feeding babies with cow milk?

c.  List the signs and symtoms of sexual maturity in humans.

4a. Distinguish between the following pairs of words:

 i.  Antigens and antibodies.

ii. Active immunity and passive immunity.

b. How is the body naturaly protected from invading pathogens and harmful substances?

c. Suggest why it has not been possible to produce a vaccine for maleria.



5a. How is water useful in the body of humans?
 b.  Describe the process in which water id purified in a large scale.
 ci. What is an intermittent water supply?
  ii. State the causes of intermittent water supply in Cameroon.
6a. With the aid of  an illustrated diagram ONLY, Show how nitrogens circumates in nature.
  b. Define the following ecological terms:
   i. An ecosystem
  ii. A community
 iii. A population
 c.  Explain he role of primary producersand decomposers in an ecosystem.
7a. Distinguish between refuge and sewage.
  b. Briefly explain the following methods of refuge collection and disposal 
  i.  Incineration
 ii.  Composting 
iii.  Sealing and burying
iv.  Garbage cans
 c. State the harmful effects of untreated sewage.
8.  Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

       Recent findings in social studies reveal that in a majority of post primary intitutions, there is a constant rising rate of teenage parenhood. The female students are most affected ; as they find them selves with un wanted pregnancies. These student expectant  mothers usually keep away from regular monthly clinic attendance untill delivery.

     As a result of this neglect, most of them end up with a Caesarian section. Worse still, they would be expected to attend monthly clinics after child birth. What an ordeal due to carelessness.

  • Explain the phrase "Expectant mothers"
  • What name is given to the name of gthe clinic who takes care of expectant mothers?
  • State the role of such clinics to  the community.
  • State 5 reasons why a surgeon would carry out aCaesarian section on a woman.
  • Give the name and importance of that clinic which takes care of nursing mothers and their babies. 
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