Why and with what consequences did the the concert of Europe collapse? (June 2009) How far and with what consequences did the congress system become a

    Why and with what consequences did the the concert of Europe collapse? (June 2009)
  2. How far and with what consequences did the congress system become an instrument for collective suppression of internal revolution in Europe? (June 2010)
  3. "A coomplete failure". Is this a fair assesslment of the congress system in Europe? (June 2012)
  4. "The congress system collapsed larged because of disagreements over the issue of intervention in internal affairs of member states" Discuss (June 2013)
  5. Analyze the circumstances that led to the establishment of the congress system in 1815 and ist failure ten years later. (June 2014)
  6. Analyze the extent tp which British policies caused the collapse of the concert of Europe in the 1820s. (June 2016)
  7. How far did the congress of vienna provide solutions to the European problems between 1815 and 1848? ( NWRM 2019)
  8. "Despite the failure in 1823, the congress system maintained peace untill the out break of the Crimean war 6f 1854" Discuss
  9. Critically examine the significants of the congress system.


  1. How succesful was Bismarck in isolating France between 1870 and 1890? (June 2011)
  2. "Friendly and unprovocative." To what extent is this accurate discription of Bismarck's foreign policy between 1871 and 1890? (June 2013)
  3. How succesful were Bismarck's Foreign policy objectives between 1870 - 1890? (SWRM 2015)
  4. Analyze the objectives of Bismarck's Foreign policy  after 1870 and the extent to which he succeeded in achieving them (SWRM 2016)


  1. Examine why and how the assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand led to the out break of world war one in 1914. (June 2009)
  2. Examine the view that international anarchy and Anglo-German militarism were responsible for the out break of war world one. (June 2010)
  3. Examine the effects on Germany of her defeat by the allies during the first world war (June 2012)
  4. why was the out break of the first world war inevitable after the assasination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand? (June 2013)
  5. "But for aggressive Nationalism in the Balkans, the first world war would have been avoided" Do you agree? ( NWRM 2015)
  6. The events in the Balkans between June and August 1914 made the first world war inevitable. Discuss (June 2017)
  7. Balkan nationalism was largely responsible for the out break of the first world war. Discuss (June 2018)


  1. " Even though the treaty of versailes was in 1919 was largely been criticized, it was nevertheless a good peace treaty". Discuss (June 2009)
  2. How did the the Paris peace makers of 1919 respect the fourteen points of President Woodrow Wilson? (June 2011)
  3. Were the terms imposed on Germany at Versailles justified?  (June 2012)
  4. How valid were the German criticisms of the versailles Treaty of 1919? (SWRM 2015)

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