2. you carried out field work in physical Geography to investigate one of the followin topics. i. The work of running water on slopes. i. stream chara

 Answer four questions in all. Answer question one and three others choosing at lest one question fron each section B and C. Question one carries thirty-one marks and the rest carry twenty-three marks each.



2. You have carried out field work in Physical Geography to investigate one of the following topics.
i. The work of running water on slopes.
ii. Streams characteristics.
a. locate the destination of your field  investigation. 5mks
b. what was your aim (s) of carrying out the investigations and what conceptions did you have prior to the field ioonvestigation? 3mks
c. Describe your method of investigation. 7 mks
d. How was the data proccessed and how were the results presented? 6mks
e. What conclusions were arrived at and how did the conclusions arrive with your hypothesis? 2mks
Tou have carried out  and investigative study in HUMAN GEOGRAPHY on one of the following topics:
i. Zonation in the characteristics of shops  or house from the centre of settlement towards the outskirts.
ii. Influence of locational factors on the siting of a factory or modern farm.
a. With the aid of a sketch map, locate the place of your field investication. 5mks
b. What was your aim (s) of carrying out the investigations and what idea did you formulate before going out for the field  investigation? 2mks 
c. which tools/ equipments did you use and for what purpose? 3mks
d. Describe the stages in the proceses of gathering the data that you needed. 4mks
e. How was the data processed? 6mks
f. What conclusions were arrived at and how did the conclusions agree with your aims or hypothesis? 3mks
3a. Sstudy the data below and construct a pie diagram  to illustrate the volume of Japan's export trde with continents between 1961 and 1963 ( radius of pie diagtram must be 5cm).

DESTINATION                                     P ERCENTAGES OF THE TOTAL EXPORT 1961-1963
-ASIA                                                     35%
-EUROPE                                               16%
-NORTH AMERICA                              32%
-AFRICA                                                8%
-OTHERS                                               9%                                                                                10 mks

Source: customs Bureau: Ministry of finance  Japan in Arthur Guest (1977), Advance Practical Geography. P.77
b. Briefly explain why different continents have diferent volumes of trade ( percentage of total export) with Japan. 6mks
c. Suggest and described an altyernative method that can equally be used to represent these figures. 7mks 


4a. For the Adamawa plateau and South Cameroon low plateau, briefly describe the major aspects of their relief  
bi. Identify and describe the distribution of the mineral and power potentials of these two regions.
ii. How far has the exploitation of these resources contributed  to the socio- economic growth in each of these regions?
5a. Describe the relationship between climate and soils in Cameroon.
b. Examine the influence of climate and soils on the following;
i. Distribution of livestock types.
ii. Distribution of crop farming systems in cameroon.


a.  Show  how main seasons of the climate in Cameroon are the results of the influence of air masses from different sources.
b. Identify any three broad area of low population density and explain how physical and human factors  been respesponsible for such densities.
7a. Identify, locate and comment on the touristic pôtentials of  Cameroon that owe their location of climate and vegetation.
b. Explain why Cameroon  visit other parts of the country as tourist.




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